Diamond has 24/7 service at no additional charge.  We at all times have salesman and drivers on call and can service without call out or after hour fees.  We are eager to serve and strive to satisfy our customer.
Diamond has free delivery to most “on land” location from Texas to Alabama.  We have a full fleet of trucks and trailers that deliver daily to Lafitte, Venice, Fourchon, Grand Isle, Houma, Morgan City, Intracoastal City, etc.  We allow other local vendors to “piggy back”, delivering their product, when possible, at no additional charge to the Customer or the Vendor.
Diamond is frequently able to locate and deliver when others cannot.  We are constantly approached by companies who cannot locate “hard to find” products.  We locate and ship items needed more timely than others, saving time and dollars for all.
Diamond has very competitive pricing.  We buy direct from the manufacturer or stocking distributor and constantly attempt to lower our cost, which also lowers cost to our customers. 
Diamond is a stocking distributor for several manufacturers and continuously stock typical oilfield products.  We do also purchase and resell, on a “by order” basis, any non-typical product you need.
Diamond always provides needed MTR’s, Safety Data Sheets and other certification as required.
Diamond Sales Staff is extremely knowledgeable and accurate with customer order expectations.  We are able to question properly to assure correctness of your order.  We communicate directly and honestly regarding shipment expectations.  We notify the customer immediately if we can not supply the product as required.
Diamond reputation is excellent.  We are known for our consistent service, knowledge & eagerness to find products at the lowest cost as well as our dedication to satisfying customer needs.  We sell to major E & P companies such as Apache, Ankor Energy, Energy XXI, McMoran, BP & EPL.  We also sell to the marine industry and to many fabrication & construction companies such as Grand Isle Shipyard and Chet Morrison.
Diamond accepts all major credit cards.
Diamond is a certified Women Business Enterprise and classified as a small business.  Many larger companies and government agencies support supplier diversity.  This is an additional positive point and an opportunity to demonstrate its interest in diversity purchasing.

Business Enterprise Certificate